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VI The Lovers (T4T) 

Burning Man 2023- Honoraria Project

In tarot, The Lovers card represents love, unity & connection. Often interpreted as romantic love, it also means self-love, community connection, & finding harmony within oneself. In my version, The Lovers (T4T) is about trans love, community support, & celebrating trans beauty & joy in a world that tries to strangle it.

By reclaiming a tarot classic image, we tell a new story about nature that centers trans bodies & reclaims the queerness we share with other species. Along with humans, we include hyenas, bearded dragons, & dragonflies--all animals that can and do change their physiological sex in nature. The art celebrates the natural diversity in sexual behavior that humans share with many animals.


This art is a message of belonging on the open playa and a love letter to queer and trans burners to feel seen and represented.

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